Snake slithers out of moving pickup truck

They take off in the truck, in hopes that the snake will slide off the hood after a burst of speed.

After receiving over 60,000 views on the video's post with more than 400 likes, Moyers wrote on Facebook, "It did finally get off OK and I didn't have to get out of the truck!"

But, the friends said they have no idea where they picked him up. "I wasn't sure what was happening until he told me to look at it".

For two West Texas men, they surely didn't expect to see one on their pickup as they were driving.

"It was a insane experience for sure", said Moyers.

That's when the snake makes a 180 turn right back at the windshield and the two friends shriek in terror.

Texas may be known for its creative hood ornaments, but typically a real live snake is not one of them. They slowed down to get the snake out, but it went back under the hood.

"That scared the piss out of me", Moyers is heard saying in a second video. It's unclear if they ever got it out of the auto.

Driver Swade Moyers and his passenger, Zakary Wyatt, recorded the entire encounter and posted it on Facebook.

"The best part is that maybe we brought a smile to someone on a crappy Monday, and even made them laugh at our misery - that's what makes it all worth it", said Wyatt.

  • Leroy Wright