Saudi Arabia names King Salman's son as crown prince

Over the past two years Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has led many of Saudi Arabia's key policies, as defence minister he has led the military campaign in Yemen, and as deputy crown prince he has driven Vision 2030 - which promises to overhaul the kingdom's economy and end its dependence on hydrocarbons.

Bin Salman has also played a significant role in building the Saudi's economy beyond the ambit of the oil industry.

Bin Salman met with U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House earlier this year, and is said to be a hard-liner against Iran.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef has been relieved of his post and replaced by Mohammed bin Salman who becomes deputy prime minister and retains his defense and other portfolios, a royal decree issued by the Saudi state agency said SPA.

While his rise to the position of crown prince has been regarded as inevitable, his appointment comes at a tense time for Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC.

An analyst who studies the Gulf says the appointment of Saudi King Salman's son as crown prince could have a big effect on the kingdom. He had previously been in charge of his father's royal court when Salman was the crown prince.

The council voted 34 to 31 in favour of the new changes, according to al-Arabiya.

He is also the chairman of the new Council for Political and Security Affairs. That visit to Washington helped lay the foundation for Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia in May, which marked the president's first overseas visit and which was promoted heavily by the kingdom as proof of its weight in the region and wider Muslim world.

With Mohammed bin Salman now poised for the throne, an even younger generation is set for power.

  • Leroy Wright