Rogen keeps blasting Trump Jr. with DMs

Radio silence is the name of Ivanka's game and it seems that Trump following his sister's lead.

"What's unbelievable about social media is if someone follows you on Twitter and you follow them, you can communicate directly with them through direct messaging", the Canadian-American actor explained. "I found out Donald Trump Jr. followed me and I then followed him to try and open a line of communication with the son of the President of the United States, which is a pretty cool thing to do". If said person is not following you, you are unable to do this.

Seth Rogen was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday night promoting the second season of Preacher, which he helped create and produces.

In February, Rogen realized Trump Jr. followed him on Twitter and made a decision to take advantage of the happenstance.

Rogen's latest read, "Yo dude checking in". And while Rogen and Colbert eventually did get around talking about the show, they opened up with a casual discussion about good old Twitter, specifically the science of direct messages. That means that if Rogen were to follow Trump Jr. back, he would now be able to reach out to him privately, slide into his DM's if you will.

"How about we all chill together and burn one?"

Rogen again employed a casual approach, but again didn't receive a response.

According to Rogen, he wrote in a private message to Trump's 39-year-old son: "Hey man!"

Rogen ended up sending another message while sitting beside Colbert.

"Seeing what's up. I think you see these".

Rogen, who was born in Vancouver, went on to talk about how "sexy" Canada's looking these days thanks to their "bangable" Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Watch Rogen and Colbert in the clip above.

Stephen Colbert is viewed as a comedic genius and hero by those who are against Trump, but there is an active boycott underway led by many Conservative Trump supporters.

  • Salvatore Jensen