Reports of escaped Georgia convicts in Noxubee County still unverified

Two men matching the fugitive's description were seen entering a Family Dollar store.

Teresa Slade, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's office, said authorities did not know where the inmates were heading Tuesday.

The family of a Georgia prison guard killed when two inmates escaped their prison bus is anxious about the other law enforcement officers now searching for the fugitives.

"He says the family also asks anyone who has information that may assist in apprehending these perpetrators to please contact law enforcement".

Dubose and Rowe, he said, might try to break into homes and steal clothing, so police were focusing on identifying those kinds of incidents.

A collective reward of $75,000 is being offered for their capture, but that amount is expected to increase as the search continues.

"The selflessness and courage of these two courageous souls will not be forgotten, nor will their sacrifice and service".

Throughout the scorching USA south cops are hunting a pair of killer convicts considered "dangerous beyond description".

PUTNAM COUNTY, Ga (WXIA-TV) - Two prison guards are dead after being shot and killed by prisoners in Putnam County.

"We lost two of our fellow officers, two of our kin".

Rowe and Dubose were on a state corrections bus with 31 other prisoners Tuesday morning when the two somehow got out of what should have been a locked, gated rear section of the bus, police said. The escapees could be headed anywhere, Sills said.

Dozier said both officers leave behind families and described them as "great officers". The two are believed to have two stolen Glock 9MM pistols in their possession.

Sills agreed with reporters that Dubose will have trouble hiding his prominent tattoos, which include crowns above his eyebrows, a star below his right ear and graffiti-style letters all across his neck.

The green Honda Civic that the inmates carjacked shortly after the shooting was found on Wednesday, not far from the scene of the burglary.

The armed convicts are also believed to have gotten their hands on some cash.

A Georgia sheriff says authorities are "desperately seeking" two inmates who escaped after allegedly killing two guards on a prison bus in Georgia.

"It's a possibility they split up", Sills said, calling them "dangerous criminals".

Officials say the two may be making their getaway in a dark green 2004 Honda Civic with Georgia plate RBJ660.

Investigators said Dubose and Rowe disarmed the guards and shot them to death.

Authorities may have no shortage of witnesses to the killing of two guards on a prison bus in Georgia. Dubose and Rower were the only two of the 33 who escaped.

The agency is urging people not to approach the men and to call 911 if they spot the pair.

The shooting took place in Putnam County around 6:45 a.m. on Highway 16 between Eatonton and Sparta, about 80 miles east of Atlanta on Tuesday.

Myrick said they were cellmates a couple of times at Baldwin State Prison.

The slain Baldwin State Prison officers were Christopher Monica, 42, who was hired in 2009, and Curtis Billue, 58, who was hired in 2007, Georgia Corrections said.

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