Patty Jenkins May Have Even More Creative Control in Wonder Woman 2

In a sit-down with Entertainment Weekly, Patty Jenkins discussed her plans for a Wonder Woman sequel.

That figure breaks a significant box office record, as director Patty Jenkins became the first woman to surpass a $100 million domestic total in an opening weekend.

With contractual obligations to create another "Wonder Woman" film, Jenkins has already opened up about where she thinks Diana should be headed next.

According to THR, Wonder Woman's success gives Jenkins a lot of leverage as she goes into these negotiations.

Wonder Woman is doing wonderful things at the box office.

Warner Bros. should give Jenkins whatever she wants to direct Wonder Woman 2.

Last week saw the release of Wonder Woman, the latest entry into the DCEU, and whilst some were initially skeptical about how well a female led superhero movie would do, the film actually exceeded all expectations, both critically and commercially. She wrote, "Ok people, I just left the theater and KNOW for CERTAIN that the GODS have seen fit to BLESS us with #WONDERWOMAN. W.O.W". Whether she likes or not, Gadot is now officially one of the poster children for the empowerment of women.

Gadot plays Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in the movie, while Hollywood actor Chris Pine is her ally Steve Trevor.

Then, her agent called her to tell that she would be playing the titular role of Wonder Woman to which she reacted shockingly and said, "Oh my god!"

One individual familiar with the deal also told TheWrap that Warner Bros. wanted hold off on negotiating for Jenkins to return, as well as green light for a sequel, until critical and fan reception rolled in for the first entry. The director is not only one of the only women helming big-budget superhero fare (one of the two directors making Captain Marvel is a woman), but was one of the major reasons why Wonder Woman was so awesome.

  • Salvatore Jensen