Northern Ireland politics hits PM May's coalition talks

That agreement assigns the British government the role of broker between Irish republicans and unionists, a role that Mr Adams said would be compromised if the government was in some way indebted politically to the DUP.

Senior DUP representative and former Stormont executive minister Simon Hamilton insisted any deal with the Conservative Party would benefit the whole of the United Kingdom, not just Northern Ireland.

Mr Barnier also wants to get to grips with the Irish border in the early phase but Dublin would prefer to wait until there is greater clarity from London on what it wants, that is if the government actually knows.

The remarks came after warnings by the nationalist Sinn Fein and SDLP and the cross-community Alliance Party that a deal with the DUP would undermine the Government's attempts to restore the powersharing executive at Stormont.

As you can see all other parties in Northern Ireland voted positivity for gay marriage, however only the Unionists voted against same-sex marriage.

He said: "It was a very positive meeting and while we didn't win the election, it was very clear that the Tories lost it".

"The talks are going on but one thing I am absolutely certain of is that the DUP do not want to see another election and Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street", he said.

"Everyone fears these talks of a hard border", he said, "but I agree it must be a soft border that will ensure the goods from both countries can move easily between them".

The talks to achieve a "confidence and supply" arrangement with the right-wing Northern Ireland party have proved tortuous, despite Ms May's hopes of a quick success.

After falling eight seats short of a majority in the general election, the PM will be reliant on the backing of the 10 DUP MPs to enable her to govern.

The two parties' discussions with Leo Varadkar comes as the DUP looks set to enter a deal with the Conservatives in Westminster.

"We will go into speak with Sinn Féin again on Monday morning because devolution works and works for everybody in Northern Ireland", she said emphatically.

Concerns have been raised - including by Varadkar himself - that the setup could jeopardise the Northern Ireland peace process.

"I think it is all very doable".

  • Zachary Reyes