More than 7000 Sejals write to 'Harry' Shah Rukh Khan

The first mini trail from Jab Harry Met Sejal was titled as "Character Kharaab", the second mini trail continues from the first one, and was titled as "Indemnity Bond", while the third one is titled as "Excuse Hai".

The trailer reveals that the two are stranded with each other because of a ring.

The source from the production house informs, "We initiated a contest led by Shah Rukh that would result in the actor visiting the city that resides majority Sejals".

What we don't get is, why Shah Rukh is ranting and giving excuses, yet, it is damn adorable the way he says it! Till the title of Imtiaz Ali's film was announced, it was referred to with the working names "The Ring" and 'Rehnuma'. She wants to travel all over the Europe before getting married.

As a date, August 4 will allow "Jab Harry Met Sejal" to cash in on a long weekend given that Rakshabandhan falls on August 7 - a Monday - this year.

Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma's new film, directed by Imtiaz Ali, has been making news right from the time it was announced. After completing her tour, Anushka calls her fiancee and says she is returning back to India. While SRK rants Punjabi, Anushka calmly retorts in a Gujarati accent. "But Anushka also finds out that her engagement ring is lost and when she informs her fiancee about it, he asks Anushka to bring that ring at any cost".

Anushka pulls of the Gujarati accent effortlessly and is unbelievable in mini-trailer 3 but it's Shah Rukh who steals the show!

  • Salvatore Jensen