Malaika's yoga in new fashion wear

On the occasion of the third edition of International Yoga Day actor-turned-entrepreneur, Shilpa Shetty Kundra posted a video of herself performing a very hard yoga posture called "Bakasana". In the last few years, a lot of Bollywood actors have taken fitness way too seriously and just like gymming yoga has become a daily necessity too.

Endorsing Fitness with Yoga by our Bollywood celebrities isn't new; and that's why, looking at our favourite stars, who are always on their toes literally to keep the entertainment business going, is one way to instil the love for Yoga within ourselves, if not done till now.

The actress" channel "Shilpa Shetty Kundra' provides a number of videos on how to do Yoga properly, along with a number of recipes for your healthy diet. Undoubtedly, the fittest actress of them all, Shilpa Shetty vouches for Yoga and what wonders has it done for her, is right in front of our eyes.

Bipasha took to Instagram to share a few pictures performing different asanas with hubby Karan and wrote, "Yoga is like Life - It's a lovely balance of Holding On and Letting Go".

Malaika wrote on Instagram: Mumbai, join me for International Yoga Day celebrations at #YogaByTheBay on June 21st at Marine Drive! Her perfectly toned body is an envy for many. We have snapped her a couple of times post her yoga sessions. Shetty has even launched her own Yoga channel and has more than 1,90,000 subscribers. No matter how busy she is, Kareena makes it a point to devote at least two hours to Yoga every day.

  • Leroy Wright