Lenovo Unveils Flexible Display for Laptops

At an event in NY on 20 June, Lenovo presented what it believes will be the future of personalised computing: a rollable laptop with a flexible display. Lenovo's concept allows the user to bend the screen right from the top edge of the keyboard.

The device is supposed to have a full keyboard with stylus support have the ability to communicate on multiple inputs.

When it comes to a timeline on the realization of this concept, Lenovo were a little more vague.

The company also emphasized the importance of voice activated controls and artificial intelligence in achieving a computer that's "always connected, always on".

Lenovo is working on a laptop with a flexible screen. All primary functions that are usually performed using a mouse are done through voice command in the new bendable laptop. Lenovo called the laptop the "future of personalized computing".

You can watch the ThinkPad concept's brief appearance at the Lenovo Transform event in the video below (here's a direct link to the part in question) where it receives a notably muted reception from those in attendance.

This is not the first time Lenovo has experimented with flexible devices like this. Prototype foldable screens have teased tech trade shows and company events for years now, and it has been long-rumoured that Samsung and LG are testing flexible displays for next-gen smartphones and tablets.

It showed off a 9.1-inch stretchable OLED display recently that can be flexed in two directions instead of just one.

  • Arturo Norris