Las Vegas ties record high temperature of 117 degrees

Phoenix-area residents are setting a record demand for energy as scorching temperatures roll though the valley during the week's punishing heat wave.

As of 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, the utility told KTVU that 1,230 customers had no electricity.

The National Weather Service has described the heat wave as "rare, dangerous, and very possibly deadly". Temperatures in the San Fernando Valley will surpass the century mark during the period.

Contra Costa County fire officials say the blaze started Monday afternoon behind Campolindo High School in Moraga.

LOS ANGELES Airline passengers in the U.S. Southwest this week are learning that searing heat can be as potent as snow and ice when it comes to causing flight disruptions.

The three men were arrested on charges of immigration violations along with four US citizens in the vehicles for suspicion of human smuggling. The California desert city reached 121.

"I have 13 different boarding passes just from yesterday in my backpack", says one traveler who was rebooked several times and had to stay overnight because of heat cancelations. More than 40 flights have been cancelled in Phoenix due to temperatures potentially reaching 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A notorious heat wave in 1990 brought consecutive days at 120 degrees, including the record of 122. Spokesman Ross Feinstein says the late afternoons are the peak affected times.

Mann said aircraft may also be hampered because the charts used in flight manuals to calculate aircraft performance are not written with such heat in mind, making it impossible for pilots to accurately calculate payloads and takeoff speeds. The forecast calls for a high of 119 Tuesday.

Although Lubbock is feeling the summer heat, it's unlikely Lubbock flights will be grounded due to the temperature.

The extreme heat in the Southwest region of the United States has been affecting summer travel plans.

Dr. Kevin Foster of the Arizona Burn Center in Phoenix issued the warning Monday.

"I'm not anxious about it because I'm sure Southwest will do the right thing, and if it's not safe to land then I'm not going to go anywhere today", Trivett said. The National Weather Service is anticipating temperatures to soar to about 120 degrees in Phoenix. Phoenix hit a high of 118 on Monday with an excessive heat warning in place until Saturday.

Phoenix will be hot again on Wednesday with highs expected to reach 116. Temperatures on the rim are expected to be in the low to high 90s. This current heat wave looks like it'll bring the fourth-hottest day on record for America's hottest city. Drinking extra water and sports drinks will help prevent dehydration that can trigger a health crisis like a heat stroke. The maximum operating temperature for some types of commercial airplanes is 118 degrees for and up to 127 degrees for the Airbus and other types of aircraft.

  • Larry Hoffman