Iran's Missile Strike On ISIS Was A Massive Failure

The statements come just one day after the Revolutionary Guards confirmed it had launched strikes in retaliation for twin attacks in Tehran earlier this month, which killed 18 people and left more than 50 others wounded.

At least 65 terrorists were killed in Iran's recent missile attack against the "Islamic State" (IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) group's targets in eastern Syria, Press TV reported citing a statement by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Onboard the captured vessel were three men that Saudi Arabia claims are elite Iranian commandos with the mission of attacking the oilfields in a clandestine "terror" operation.

Although Iran's ballistic missiles hit ISIS in Syria on Sunday, the audience for the strike explicitly included the United States and Saudi Arabia and, implicitly, Israel.

"Obviously and clearly, some reactionary countries of the region, especially Saudi Arabia, have announced that they are trying to bring insecurity into Iran", he said.

Russian Federation said Monday it was suspending its co-operative mechanism with the response to the downing of the Syrian warplane and threatened to shoot down enemy aircraft over Syrian government-held territory in the west.

In April, Trump ordered cruise missile strikes against a Syrian airfield from which Washington said a deadly chemical weapons attack was launched. Iran fired ballistic missiles at IS targets in eastern Syria, in the province of Deir el-Zour, later on Sunday. The U.S. recently deployed a truck-mounted missile system into Syria as Assad's forces cut off the advance of America-backed rebels along the Iraqi border.

Australia has six fighter jets based in the United Arab Emirates that strike targets in Syria and Iraq.

A second USA official said the use of ballistic missiles may also have been intended as a signal that Iran remains committed to supporting Assad and a reminder that US forces and bases in the region are within reach of Iranian missiles and ground forces.

Regardless of which missile was used, the strike highlights yet another problem: the long term consequences of ballistic missile technology proliferation in the Middle East. However, it stopped short of directly blaming the kingdom for the attack, though many in the country have expressed suspicion that Iran's regional rival had a hand in the assault. However, the test launches haven't affect Iran's 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. It is still unclear what the missiles struck, and Iran has provided few details.

"IDF sources have been saying the operational results of the launches were a lot less impressive than the noise the Iranian media was making about the launch".

A defense official, who was not authorized to be quoted by name and spoke on condition of anonymity, said the drone shot down Tuesday was a Shaheed 129 and appeared to have been operated by "pro-regime" forces.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier Monday warned Iran not to challenge Israel and to watch its own back. He wrote that the strikes demonstrated Iran's missile capabilities to those "who sent terrorists to Tehran" and that Iran's "unexpected" response "was a deep message for the supporters of terrorists". Khamenei called the new United States administration "inexperienced" and said that many officials before them took their dreams of overthrowing the Islamic Republic "to the grave", adding, "It will always be so".

  • Leroy Wright