International Yoga Day 2017

"It was a very nice gesture of prime minister to come out of the dry comfort of his waterproof tent and do yoga with us in the open". Modi is expected to deliver a strong speech today.

"There are many countries which don't know our language, are not aware about Indian culture or traditions but they too are practising yoga".

The International Yoga Day was proposed in 2014 and surely enough it was put into action by 2015.

The International Yoga Day was enthusiastically observed across Odisha on Wednesday, with thousands taking part in several events. Young people have accepted Yoga as a profession. "In countries across the world, there is a new market being created around Yoga." and was happy to announce that the "demand for yoga teachers is increasing". "Whereas yoga takes it much further to mental and spiritual wellness", tweeted Pradhan.

The Prime Minister also spoke at length about the implementation of GST on July 1st and said that it demonstrated the strength of democracy.

Meanwhile, the 80 minute Yoga session is in full swing despite the heavy rain. This suggests that there is an awakening for yoga among people, ? he added in Jammu.

Earlier, addressing the gathering, Adityanath said yoga helps to unite people.

From China's Great Wall to the London Eye, yoga enthusiasts performed "asanas", or poses, at major landmarks, hailing the ancient practice as a holistic way of life. "Just as the importance of salt is not only to lend taste to food, but also ensure well-being of the body, similarly Yoga can have the same importance as salt has in life", he said.

  • Leroy Wright