Heatwave safety warning as temperatures soar

Parts of the region could be hit by torrential downpours, thunder and lightning and even hail tomorrow afternoon, the Met Office said.

The warning will stay in place until 9am on Wednesday and comes after a hot weekend.

The Met Office have said it could lead to some disruption, including sudden localised flooding and lightning potentially disrupting power supplies.

Bad weather is expected to move in to affect parts of southern Scotland and northern England from the early hours of tomorrow.

As the killer heatwave continues, here are the live updates, the latest warnings and the most up-to-date weather forecasts for the UK.

In response to the extreme hot weather, Simon Bottery, director of policy at Independent Age, the older people's charity said: "Older people can suffer adverse effects on their health during the hot weather and can be more vulnerable to heatstroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration".

Yesterday the TUC asked employers not to force their staff to wear suits during the hot weather so they can "work as comfortably as possible". "If you're able, ask if your friends, family or neighbours need any support".

It was on June 30 of that year that the highest temperature since 1976, 33.8C (92.8F) in Worcester, was recorded.

"However, many places will likely see little or no impacts".

The good news for those struggling with the heat is that the weather will cool on Wednesday night and by Thursday it will be a lot fresher with southwesterly winds seeing the temperatures drop back into the 16 to 20 range.

To aid preparation and awareness before and during a prolonged hot spell, a heatwave plan has been created by Public Health England in association with the Met Office and other partners.

  • Leroy Wright