Hawaii Becomes America's First State To Join The Paris Climate Accord

The news comes four days after President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the 2015 pact.

"We do not have a global warming problem on this planet, what we have is an energy poverty problem on this planet". "Trump can take some perverse credit for that". "America is not going to be disengaged, we are going to maintain engagement".

Hawaii's governor on Tuesday signed two bills committing the state to fulfilling key provisions of the Paris climate agreement less than a week after President Trump announced that the USA would withdraw from the agreement.

Although originally led by Democratic leaders like Brown, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, several Republican governors have also joined the fight.

The resolution "strongly condemns" Trump's decision and admonishes him "for rejecting peer-reviewed science, jeopardizing the health of our citizens and environment, harming our country's economic competitiveness, endangering our national security, and abdicating our country's leadership role in the world".

"Reducing greenhouse emissions in Hawaii is now the law - the state law", reports Hawaii Public Radio's Bill Dorman.

Which is not the same as saying he knew what he was doing - or that he's right. Trump argued that the Paris agreement favors emerging economies such as China's and India's at the expense of US workers. This is why the show of solidarity from global leaders after the United States announcement is important.

The bill continues: "Regardless of federal action, the legislature supports the goals of the Paris Agreement to combat climate change and its effects on environments, economies, and communities around the world".

The statement was coordinated by a number of organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund, the Center for American Progress, and Michael Bloomberg's Bloomberg Philanthropies, which has also promised up to $15 million to help support the Agreement following the US' exit. This will be through energy use reduction, renewable energy adoption and air pollution control from all areas, including transportation.

In announcing the withdrawal on June 1 from the almost universally supported agreement, Trump earned the scorn of the European Union, China, India, Brazil, and many other nations that have been taking ambitious actions to reduce their emissions of global warming gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane.

"Those are laudable goals", he said. Both China and Europe have in fact announced that they are ready to increase the commitments to cut down on carbon emissions in 2015. The Obama administration hyped up the summit, but it was largely seen as a failure.

  • Zachary Reyes