Governor urges lawmakers to end 'unnecessary' budget impasse

A lot is at stake for Rauner heading into the special session, which begins Wednesday in Springfield.

On the eve of a special session, Governor Rauner is asking the Democrats to back a plan introduced last week by the Republicans.

"We're still talking to the state", said Tom Yates, executive director of Legal Council for Health Justice, who is representing the state's 3 million Medicaid recipients. Many described it as a public relations sham, and theater, noting the irony that even as Rauner called for "unity", his campaign has flooded television screens with ads that slam Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan.

"Tonight we'll hear yet another speech about a state budget from the governor, the fourth like it he's given".

However, the conservative Illinois Policy Institute...usually loyal to Rauner...blasted the budget plan because it includes a four-year income tax hike.

"Right now, our state is in real crisis - and the actions we take in the days ahead will determine how history remembers us".

Reaching across party lines is the only way the state can move forward in a positive direction, but the compromise bill is not the solution, Ives said.

"At the governor's request, House Democrats have voted to cut property taxes, reform workers' compensation, improve the business climate, sell the Thompson Center and reform the state procurement code". "I know there's a feeling in Springfield that the Democrats, at least some of them, do not want to see the governor get any type of legislative success to put him in a compromised position for his re-election plans". To give job creators a reason to come, and families a reason to stay. Governor Bruce Rauner delivers statewide address at 6 p.m. The spending plan passed by Senate Democrats after bipartisan grand bargain negotiations broke down last month looked to spend $37.3 billion in fiscal year 2018.

"Over the next 10 days, we have an opportunity to change the State of IL for the better", he said.

If lawmakers don't reach agreement by July 1, IL will enter a third year without a budget.

"This could all blow up, but you've got enough change in the dynamic that, at a minimum, the House Democrats are going to have to respond to what the governor has proposed", Redfield said.

Failure to strike a budget agreement by the end of the state legislature's annual session on May 31 resulted in a critical credit downgrade for the country's fifth largest state to Baa3, the lowest of any state and only one level above non-investment grade - also known as junk. Rauner said lawmakers need to act by then. There's a way to get rid of that notion by working with us. "While saying "failure to act is not an option" with regards to passing a budget, he doubles down on the very fecklessness that's gotten us here in the first place", said Sen.

  • Larry Hoffman