German minister sees hope of 'soft' Brexit

But, by the looks of things, no one's fooled.

After an election that delivered nothing short of political uncertainty, all eyes now turn to the delayed Queen's Speech to provide some much-needed assurance about what's in (and not in) the legislative programme this year. If parliament does not accept the agenda or its legitimacy, the speech can be voted down. But May has now cancelled the 2018 Queen's Speech, doubling the length of the next parliamentary session to two years.

Theresa May is "confident" there will be "sufficient support" in the Commons to pass the Queen's Speech.

People are lining up to call out the holes in the Conservatives' reasoning.

Unveiling her first ever Queen's Speech amid intense speculation about her future in Number 10 and uncertainty over a proposed deal with the DUP, the Prime Minister will offer promises of a more open and consultative governing style in the hope of winning over her opponents. Such a housing strategy, coupled with a deregulatory agenda, is forcing more and more ordinary people into risky and uncomfortable conditions.

Sky News viewers can also expect to find live cooverage of the Queen's Speech, here, on the Sky News YouTube live stream. Scary stuff for democracy! "There's nothing more constitutionally stable than the Queen's Speech".

Already this minority Government is facing external challenges to its authority - from the Bank of England Governor gently ribbing the Foreign Secretary about Brexit being "a land of cake" to police chiefs openly complaining about cuts at this testing time.

"That means getting a deal which delivers the result of last year's referendum and does so in a way that commands maximum public support".

If it isn't there it will be a sure sign that the domestic agenda of the May Government is all but over. The Prime Minister, the leader of the opposition and MPs follow them, and when they reach the Lords chamber, they stand at the opposite end to the throne, known as the Bar.

But she insisted that the rest of Government business will not be put on hold during the Brussels negotiations, promising measures to build a stronger economy, protect consumers, tackle domestic violence and fix a "dysfunctional" housing market.

"The SNP group of MPs will press the UK Government to give genuine consideration to our plans on Brexit".

So the speech needs to breathe consensus and avoid controversy. This is prudent planning: it is going to be hard enough to prepare legislation for Brexit without trying to manage a hung parliament as well over the coming 12 months.

However Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams said they would oppose any deal which undermined the Good Friday Agreement, which commits the United Kingdom and Irish governments to demonstrate "rigorous impartiality" in their dealings with the different political traditions in Northern Ireland. It is a less formal arrangement than a full coalition.

Indeed, Brexit was supposed to be about regaining parliamentary supremacy.

Labour has overtaken the Tories in popularity following the shock election result, while four in 10 people think May should resign, a new poll suggests.

  • Leroy Wright