Gal Gadot's husband went viral on Instagram because of this t-shirt

While Elle highlighted the gender pay gap in Hollywood, the magazine did not differentiate between the star's upfront salary and bonuses and performance escalators.

Despite the huge critical and box office success of her movie, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot reportedly only made $300, ooo from it - less than one percent of its still-growing $600 million worldwide box office success. But given the commercial success of the reel, Gadot might receive an increase in dividends in the near future.

Back in 2014, the actress signed with Warner Bros. for a three picture deal - Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and the upcoming Justice League - and was paid $300,000 per film. Cavill's base pay for Man of Steel came around similar number - something that has become common with franchise installments. A $300k salary is within the range of standard rates for entry-level talent joining a major franchise in Hollywood.

And for some users, they needed more info before making a final determination.

Unreliable reporting can move faster than a speeding bullet in the age of social media, and that's exactly what happened on Tuesday when a story about Gal Gadot's salary on "Wonder Woman" made its way around the Internet. Screen Rant reports that Chris Evans received $300,000 for playing the title role in Captain America: The First Avenger.

There is hope however that Gadot will earn more money for the inevitable "Wonder Woman" sequel. Cavill's reported haul from Man of Steel has not been confirmed, but if it's anywhere near that amount, it's the result of bonuses after a hefty box office, not his initial base salary.

In a post on the misunderstanding for Vulture, reporter Kyle Buchanan writes that a source told them that "Cavill made a six-figure paycheck comparable to Gadot's for Man of Steel" while Amy Adams made even more to play Lois Lane, somewhere in the seven figures. It's the first official confirmation from Warner Bros. that the movie is in some stage of production. But it's not the first time an actor has gotten that kind of paycheck.

Per Vanity Fair, a misleading stat has been running this week noting that Gal Gadot's salary for Wonder Woman was only $300,000.

The good news is that there is going to be a sequel for Wonder Woman and hopefully, Gadot will get paid the amount of money she actually deserves. A sequel to "Wonder Woman" is already in the works, but Jenkins has not yet been named as the director.

Gadot has not commented on the rumpus.

  • Salvatore Jensen