Doctor in Abuse Case Wanted to Impregnate Women

"Women who had relationships with Dr. James Kohut claimed he wanted to have kids to create "'taboo' families where the parents raise their children sexually", Assistant District Attorney Steven Moore said in court documents.

In arguing against Kohut's release, Moore said that he is "mentally unstable", and said Kohut recently wrote in jail about his desire to commit suicide, Moore said.

The prosecution alleges Kohut lured women from all over the country to start "taboo families" with him, in which Kohut and the woman would raise the child in a sexual environment.

Monday's court document reveal that investigators believe the brain doctor has been sexually preying on children for the past two decades.

A judge ruled Monday that Kohut was entitled to bail, according to the AP.

Dr. James Kohut, 57, is facing multiple felony counts of child abuse, which included sodomy, forced penetration and oral copulation, while he worked as a neurosurgeon at a hospital in Santa Cruz County, according to KSBW.

The FBI, Australian federal police, the Santa Cruz County sheriff's department and Seaside police department had investigated Kohut since 1997.

Moore declined to discuss the allegations in more detail on Monday.

In another instance, a woman in OH who dated the suspect complained to the Seaside Police Department in 2005 that the defendant sent her child pornography and links to child porn when they dated. FBI spokeswoman Katherine Zackel said the FBI is assisting the Watsonville police investigation and declined to discuss the agency's previous involvement with Kohut.

Kohut owns several properties in Santa Cruz, and as a doctor on call earned thousands of dollars a night, Moore said.

Kohut's attorney, Jay Rorty, last week requested bail for Kohut and argued that none of the evidence seized by police implicated Kohut. He surrendered his license in California voluntarily as part of the bail conditions.

The most recent victim who came forward told investigators she was 13 when she was sexually assault by Kohut in 2004.

Rorty says most defendants have a right to bail, which is prohibited in capital cases and when a judge deems an inmate to be a danger to the public or a flight risk.

Johnson was arrested in Pima County, Arizona, where she remains in jail pending a transfer to Santa Cruz County.

In one instance, Kohut told a woman he was in a relationship with that he wanted to impregnate her "so she could have a child and then they could be sexual with the child", the document stated.

Rorty acknowledged that his client would be agreeable to restrictions on Kohut if Stevens grants bail on June 28, including no internet access; house arrest and electronic monitoring; and no mobile or landline telephone access.

"Kohut has a sexual compulsion and has solicited victims for decades", Moore wrote.

Kohut's attorney pleaded not guilty on all charges, on his behalf. The district attorney's office added another felony charge last week after another alleged victim came forward.

He was arrested in May shortly after he began working at an Arkansas hospital.

His license to practice medicine in Arkansas has now been suspended and he has also been terminated from the Sparks Clinic.

  • Salvatore Jensen