Court releases dash cam video of Castile shooting

Newly released footage of the moment Officer Jeronimo Yanez, who was acquitted Friday, shot and killed Philando Castile. We do want to warn you this video may be disturbing and hard to watch for some. He then orders his fellow officer to remove Miss Reynold's four-year-old daughter from the vehicle. The almost 10-minute video shows Yanez rapidly firing seven shots into the vehicle of Castile, 32.

WCCO's Mary McGuire got reaction from attorneys for both parties after the evidence was released.

Marcou said he agrees with last week's verdict, finding Yanez innocent of all charges in the shooting.

Tyrone Terrill, president of the African-American Leadership Council, told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune the video will further the gap between the black community and local police.

As Castile was dying from the gunshot wounds, Reynolds, sitting in the passenger seat, began a Facebook Live stream to broadcast the incident.

Yanez asks Castile for his license and insurance and after he hands it over, Castile makes a revelation.

An audio recording captured Castile telling Yanez he had a gun in the vehicle, and the officer telling Castile not to reach for it. Seconds later, Yanez opened fire. "Don't reach for it then", Yanez says, while Castile assures him he isn't trying to. Yanez reaches in with his left arm and draws his weapon.

Officer Yanez instructs Mr Castile not to pull out his handgun before suddenly drawing his own weapon and firing seven rounds into the vehicle. "I think that it really. shows that Yanez actually panicked".

"You'll notice that after the shooting, he was terribly traumatized".

"The city intends to offer Officer Yanez a voluntary separation agreement to help him transition to another career other than being a St. Anthony officer", it said. Also made available were the audiotape interview of Yanez by BCA investigators, the radio call by Yanez, full reports from the "use of force" experts used by both the prosecution and defense and photos of Philando Castile's gun, his wallet and permit to carry a weapon. Yanez yelled. "I'm not!" "He has the gun out", Judge Glenda Hatchett said.

"The City of St. Anthony has concluded that the public will be best served if Officer Yanez is no longer a police officer in our city", according to the city's statement. The Castile family does plan on filing a civil lawsuit for Castile's death.

"No, no, no", Terrill said after viewing the video.

  • Larry Hoffman