Comey boosted case for obstruction charges against Trump: legal experts

In his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey said he believes Trump fired him over the Russian Federation probe, and he accused the White House of lying about the details of the dismissal.

Under oath, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director also told the Senate Intelligence Committee that the president had asked him during a one-to-one dinner at the White House to pledge loyalty.

The House intelligence committee has asked White House counsel Don McGahn whether any tape recordings or memos of Mr Comey's conversations with the president exist now or had existed.

Republicans have now pressed Trump to come clean about everything and confirm if he really does have tapes of private conversations with Comey, and if he does, to hand them over to Congress.

There will be much for special counsel Robert Mueller to unpack after last week's momentous testimony of James Comey: Did President Trump's actions amount to obstruction of justice?

On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey gave shocking testimony in Washington, DC. However, the complaint can lead to an investigation and possibly affect Comey's future at the FBI if he ever wished to return.

He said his team emerged "very happy" after Comey's testimony.

Nunes, who still holds considerable power to direct investigations and issue subpoenas on his own, sent subpoenas to the CIA, FBI and NSA seeking details on who Rice, former UN Ambassador Samantha Powers and former CIA Director John Brennan sought to have "unmasked" - or identify redacted names in collected intelligence - in reports. Someone in the White House will undoubtedly be sensible enough to understand that a referral of potential criminal charges to an Inspector General, Congress and the Justice Department could spiral into a new special prosecutor appointment, new Congressional hearings and as well as a Grand Jury inquiry and trial with the President himself as the central witness in the entire case.

AMERICAN President Donald Trump has called his ex-FBI director James Comey "very cowardly' even as it emerged he reportedly bottled out of a United Kingdom state visit over fears of mass protests". The officials were not permitted to speak publicly about legal matters still under consideration.

Friday morning, he inexplicably claimed "total and complete vindication". " "No leaks guuuys" she said, mimicking him in a dopey voice".

"I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting", Mr Comey said, "and so I thought it really important to document". The friend then released the information to the media.

"This whole thing is a giant nothing-burger", the conservative web site Breitbart News wrote as Comey talked, "except for Comey implicating himself as a leaker".

Also crucial will be whether Trump recorded the meetings, as he seemed to suggest in a tweet after firing Comey. Comey made clear it Thursday that even in the most private setting, there are officials working for the President who felt the same level of distrust about their leader.

During a Friday news conference in the Rose Garden with the Romanian president, Trump jumped at the opportunity when asked about the Comey testimony, glancing down at a piece of paper as he recited his mantra.

But more evidence is needed to prove that the president attempted to stymie the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, which has several Trump campaign aides in its crosshairs.

"Trump has been unusually silent on Twitter and declined to answer shouted questions from reporters Thursday about the testimony". He must explain what he would do if the president demanded that the FBI terminate an investigation involving Trump or his circle, or if other staffers from the White House or in the intelligence community pressured him to do so.

Comey's testimony underscored the discord that had soured their relationship.

James Comey on Wednesday defended his decision to announce a new investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's emails while staying quiet on the Trump-Russia one prior to the 2016 USA elections.

One target is Mr Michael T. Flynn, the shortest-serving national security adviser in American history.

Comey also revealed that he'd orchestrated the public release of information about his private conversations with the president.

  • Leroy Wright