Check Out The Opening Episode Of Hitman For Free

The first level of the game, The Playground, is now free for PC, Xbox One and PlayStaiton 4. A split from parent company Square Enix led to layoffs and even talk of a possible shutdown, all despite the successful reboot of the Hitman series a year ago.

If you've always looked longingly at Hitman, but didn't want to shell out the cash without trying it out first, you're in luck.

For its first "hello" as an indie operator, the studio has made the introductory ICA Facility location, which essentially serves as the game's tutorial, free for everyone.

The ICA Facility location has two story missions, two escalation contracts, over 40 challenges, 17 achievements, and you'll also be able to see all the associated cut-scenes.

In one final thoughtful touch, any progress you make in the free portion of Hitman will be carried over to the full release, should you choose to acquire it.

The best part about the free offer is that it isn't a limited time event.

Sure, we're basically talking about a glorified demo here, but you do get a lot of slippery-bonced stealth action for your zero pence - and, as you've likely heard before, Hitman is well-worth investigating if you haven't already. In what comes as good news to all Hitman fans, IO Interactive is now making the start of Hitman free for everyone. "So jump in and give a try." said Hakan Abrak, CEO of Io. What's more - the game is expected to go on sale for a flat discount of 60% across all platforms for one week. This announcement was later met with word that IO Interactive would be cutting staff at the studio due to the departure.

  • Arturo Norris