Cellphone video shows woman setting Milwaukee home on fire

A video has shown the unbelievably harrowing moment a woman started a blaze in a home which ended up killing a 72-year-old man.

Jestopher and Jessie Hinds, along with their cousin, Travonta Richmond, say they watched as the woman broke out a window before grabbing what appeared to be a gas can from the garage and pouring it through a window.

A firefighter was injured while fighting the fire Friday.

Johnson turned over her phone to Milwaukee Police for evidence. Neighbors said they're shocked.

"She asks us, 'one of y'all got a lighter?' And were like, 'no, we can't help you with a lighter, '" Richmond told the station.

Jestopher Hinds went on to describe how the woman then "takes the chair, throws the gas can in there and sets the house on fire".

They were pushed back by thick smoke.

Police say the 39 year-old woman set fire to a home near 12th and Wright that ended up killing 72 year-old Willie Greer.

"I just hope that person be brought to justice because it wasn't right", said Robert Neylon, who lives across the street from the fire.

The suspect's family said Saturday that a fight with a boyfriend brought about the alleged arson, adding that the man in question lived there but was not believed to be home at the time of the fire, WITI reported.

"This case will be presented to the DA's Office for charges in the coming days", the Milwaukee Police Department said in a statement.

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