Bengaluru cop stops President's convoy to make way for ambulance

Various media reports have confirmed that the cop was later awarded by Bengaluru Police.

Netizens in Bengaluru are all praises for a Police Sub Inspector who made way for an ambulance even as President of India's convoy was expected to pass by a busy junction.

Nearly simultaneously, the convoy of President Pranab Mukherjee, who was in the city for the inauguration of Metro's Green Line was heading towards the Raj Bhavan.

On Sunday, Bengaluru police commissioner Praveen Sood tweeted that the Sub Inspector would be "rewarded" for "deftly allowing the ambulance before the 1st citizen of India".

A traffic sub-inspector has won the city's heart and accolades from colleagues for his swift judgement that saved a critical life.

The President was in the IT city for the grand launch of the new metro line.

The cop let the ambulance pass before the President's convoy, who was only about 150 feet away. He quickly passed on the directions and allowed the ambulance to pass through the traffic-heavy road.

While Nijalingappa is elated that they managed to allow the ambulance and convoy to pass without any hassle, Vishwanath Rao adds that both the vehicles were equally important to them.

His deft handling of the situation where he allowed ambulance ahead of the President' convoy was praised by the City police commissioner.

Following this, it didn't take much time for the Twitter and the Facebook, including pages of the Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP), to get inundated with appreciation messages for the officer.

  • Leroy Wright