BC Liberals plan to restrict donations, raise welfare rates

Nearly two-thirds of British Columbians (63%) say that BC Liberals should concede defeat, rather than use procedures to prevent a Green-supported NDP minority government from leading.

As for NDP Leader John Horgan, 18 per cent of Green Party supporters said their view of him had worsened, compared to 18 per cent who said it had improved and 64 per cent who said it had stayed the same.

The B.C. Liberal Party stopped its voluntary reporting of donations effective the end of May, after significant corporate, union and personal pledges continued after the uncertain result of the May 9 election.

So, the poll can't be interpreted as predicting a Liberal majority in the event of another election, an Angus-Reid researcher says.

The NDP and Greens, who both support campaign finance reform, have signed an agreement to defeat the Liberals in an upcoming confidence vote.

The poll found that while past BC Liberal voters find a common voice on several pressing issues including the fate of the Site C Dam and the twinning of the TransMountain Pipeline, they are less united on what to do about the possible changes to the approval process for LNG projects.

The NDP has introduced six private members bills since 2005 calling for a ban on union and corporate donations to political parties, but the Liberals rejected each bill.

There's little appetite for another election in this province right now, according to a new survey by the Angus Reid Institute. "Unfortunately, they won't know who funded the B.C. NDP or Green party campaigns until election financing reports are made public by Elections BC in August".

More than one-in-three British Columbians worry their own standard of living will be worse a year from now - a seven-year high.

Slightly more people said they would prefer a Liberal majority over an NDP majority - given a second chance.

In the poll, only 15 per cent said the alliance could last more than two years. A probability sample of this size would carry a margin of error of +/- 3.4 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

  • Leroy Wright