Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins Not Signed On Yet

Pictures, actress Gal Gadot and actress Lynda Carter attend the premiere of Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman is now out in theaters.

Of course, because we can't get enough of Gal Gadot's fierceness, there is already chatter of a Wonder Woman sequel in the works. Today she has an impressive stash of memorabilia to go along with some impressive memories.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. only signed Jenkins for a one-film deal, which means there will be a negotiation process heading into the second.

Patty Jenkins holds the title for the biggest domestic debut for a female director after Wonder Woman smashed box office estimates at the weekend. Others felt that there was no way a female lead would be able to carry said project and, thus, questioned whether or not a movie like Wonder Woman would simply flounder at the box office. To be fair, it would be truly awesome to see these two play off against each other as two iconic superheroes in a Justice League movie.

Chris responded, "I think she'd kick Thor's a**". She's got to come to America. But we do know that she has quite the leverage.

Wonder Woman is now playing in theaters nationwide.

And as it should.

I'm happy to say that, on both counts, the naysayers were so very, very wrong. There isn't a viewing I've been to where I've thought to myself "Wow this isn't as good as I remembered".

In May 2017, when Uproxx asked Jenkins if the sequel could be set in the 1930s, she replied, "I'm definitely planning something more interesting using that period of time". Wonder Woman is a flawless example of that.

"You made this movie what it is and your love and support for this character and for myself are not to be taken for granted", Gal continues. I'm also thinking the Vietnam War, but the 60s just had the coolest fashion -have you seen The Man from UNCLE? .

  • Salvatore Jensen