Wildfire threatens Utah ski resort town of Brian Head

The Tribune reports that at least one home has been destroyed in the blaze, while another has sustained damage. The team's objective is to minimize fire spread and prevent damage to structures, infrastructure, all facilities, and natural resources. Fire crews will continue to use helicopters and planes dropping fire retardant near the fire perimeter to slow the progression of the flames.

That fire near Rio Rancho, an Albuquerque suburb, is more than halfway contained, but authorities have yet to determine its cause.

The weather is expected to remain dry and warm over the coming days, with a chance of thunderstorms later in the week.

The evacuation orders for Brian Head are still in effect. As you can see in the image above, at about noon on Saturday the flight paths of one of the Single Engine Air Tankers were concentrated south of Brian Head, on the west side of Cedar Breaks National Monument.

The Brian Head Fire started around midday Saturday, June 17, and grew very quickly through dense timber.

"Dutch" Deutschlander; Keith Squires, commissioner of Public Safety; Brian Cottam, director of the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands; Michael Mower, deputy chief of staff to the Governor; and Bret Howser, Brian Head city manager. The cause is still under investigation.

Two other fires were burning Sunday in Utah, one in Uintah County and one in Piute County.

Further Updates to follow.

  • Larry Hoffman