UN Secretary General cautions Israel over Palestine

The move by proponents to amend the party's platform at the full state convention on Saturday followed a failed attempt last April to have the party adopt a resolution on "peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians" that singled out Israeli settlements in the West Bank without mention of Palestinian violence. Adding 44 per cent of the territory allocated by the 1947 UN Partition Plan for a Palestinian state, to the 56 per cent set aside for a Jewish state, marked a new beginning for both Israel and stateless Palestinians.

"The past has proven that when we worked together we succeeded, and when we split up, the State of Israel was harmed", Netanyahu said at a special event in the parliament commemorating 50 years since the Six-Day War and the renewal of Jewish settlement in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley, as quoted by parliament's press service. According to HRW, Israel has violated global humanitarian law during the occupation through "unlawful killings; forced displacement; abusive detention; the closure of the Gaza Strip and other unjustified restrictions on movement; and the development of settlements, along with the accompanying discriminatory policies that disadvantage Palestinians".

The "occupation", claimed Guterres, "has fuelled recurring cycles of violence and retribution".

In a war with Egypt, Jordan and Syria, known as the 1967 War, or the June War, Israel delivered what came to be known as the "Naksa", meaning setback or defeat, to the armies of the neighbouring Arab countries, and to the Palestinians who lost all what remained of their homeland.

Almost 400,000 Palestinians were added to the hundreds of thousands of refugees displaced in 1948 and their homes and villages were razed to the ground by the Israelis.

"Now is not the time to give up on this goal", he said.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday called for achieving a negotiated two-state solution to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The secretary-general also said he believes that resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will "remove a driver of violent extremism and terrorism in the Middle East and open the doors to cooperation, security, prosperity and human rights for all".

"Almost seven decades later, the world still awaits the birth of an independent Palestinian state".

  • Leroy Wright