Nintendo Switch HDMI Hub Launches Via Kickstarter

Fuze Code Studio, which is now used in primary schools and takes aim at kids as young as six, and offers real-world languages like Python, Java and C++/# etc. Players will learn to code their own games, and Nintendo is actually giving them full use of the Switch hardware - meaning that you would be able to assign functionality to the Joy-con controllers. That is something that FUZE already has great experience in. It aims to teach kids how to code via a modified form of BASIC, Fuze BASIC, and thus will require a bit of typing using either an onscreen keyboard or a Switch-compatible USB keyboard. Programming can be conducted using either an on-screen keyboard or instead via a external USB keyboard, presumably including the upcoming official Switch keyboard.

The portability of the Nintendo Switch also makes this very interesting given that students could work on their projects remotely and bring them into school, which makes the prospect of homework much more fun.

FUZE Code Studio will turn your Nintendo Switch into a coding box, with text-based programming, programmable synthesiser, graphics libraries and USB keyboard support. Fuze Code Studio is due for release in Q2 2018. Before you knew it we had more coders than we knew what to do with and a multi-billion dollar industry was born.

Nintendo Switch owners can download the version 3.0 update now. "They all had very accessible coding environments to get users started within minutes. It seems we're running around "Scratching" our heads, wondering where it all went wrong".

It was released alongside its first two games, including an update on an early classic - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - and a multiplayer party game called 1-2-Switch.

The tablet-like console clicks into the Nintendo Switch Dock, connecting it to the TV.

Or, two people can play using one Joy-Con controller each.

  • Arturo Norris