Iran's Revolutionary Guard strikes Syria for Tehran attacks

The launch, which hit Syria's eastern city of Deir el-Zour on Sunday night, appeared to be Iran's first missile attack overseas in over 15 years and its first in the Syrian conflict amid its support of embattled President Bashar Assad.

Fighting in Syria escalated on Sunday as the United States downed a Syrian warplane that targeted ground forces fighting ISIS, while Iran launched missiles at ISIS targets in eastern Syria, The New York Times reported.

In retaliation for the two terrorist attacks, Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRCG) fired mid-range missiles hitting ISIL centers in Syria's Deir Ezzur, the IRGC said in a statement issued on Sunday.

Summary⎙ Print According to Iranian officials, Tehran's strikes on Islamic State fighters inside Syria carried a wider message. Iran and Saudi Arabia have always been embroiled in a sectarian feud. It said many "terrorists" were killed and their weapons had been destroyed in the strike.

The missile strikes are also being used to warn "some reactionary countries" of the sub-region, and Saudi Arabia was expressly singled out as one of them, with allegations that "they are trying to bring insecurity into Iran".

Russia, a key backer of Syrian President Bashar Assad, has been providing an air cover to the government's offensive on the Islamic State group since 2015.

'The missile attack on the Daesh was an overwhelming response to the terrorist group, as well as a message saying that the worldwide community must show more determination to fight terrorism, ' said Iranian Representative Ali Reza Rahimi.

Also yesterday, Iranian television showed footage of missiles being launched in the night sky by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. "It did not immediately offer other specifics, other than to say the missiles were launched from Iran".

The strike was "revenge" for twin attacks in Tehran on June 7 that killed 17 people in the first IS-claimed attacks inside the Shiite-ruled Islamic republic, a Guards spokesman added.

Last week, Iran accused the USA and its regional ally Saudi Arabia of supporting and aiding the Tehran terror attacks.

To "honor the blood spilled by innocent people on June 7 in Tehran", the IRGC fired six medium-range ground-to-ground missiles from their bases in Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces in western Iran.

Australia is part of a US -led coalition that has been waging war against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.

Last week the Senate voted 98-2 to pass new Iran sanctions targeting 1st, Iran's ballistic missile program and 2nd, the IRGC [a].

  • Leroy Wright