How 2 elephants teamed up to rescue a drowning calf!

It's what any parent would to do for their child in danger.

Two adult elephants at a zoo in South Korea sprung into action to rescue a calf that fell into a pool in their enclosure. Zoo officials announced Monday that they are expecting a new elephant calf to be born this summer.

Big elephant panicked, seeing how the elephant is trying to keep the mouth and trunk above the water.

At the very moment, a senior female elephant - aged 35 according to the park - rushed over to the bewildered mother, leading her into the water and helping her to save her baby.

When their attempts prove unsuccessful, they dash into the water and push the baby elephant towards the shallow end of the pool and then out of water onto dry land. In an incident that almost turned tragic involving a calf that nearly drowned in a large pool only to be saved by a pair of frantic adult elephants shows one of the greatest displays of teamwork.

All the while another elephant was nervously pacing in the background. The video was posted online on Friday and witnessed more than 459,000 views. Another wrote, "Better than people".

  • Julie Sanders