House Dems question Flynn disclosures of Middle East travel

Now congressional investigators are zeroing in on the previously undisclosed business dealings of former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn in the Middle East.

Democratic lawmakers investigating fired national security adviser Michael Flynn's security clearance said Monday they could not find the hotel Flynn said he stayed at during a 2015 trip to Saudi Arabia or any record of a conference he reported attending.

In addition, in June 2015 - four months before the October trip - Flynn had also testified before Congress that he had recently returned from a "fairly extensive trip to the Middle East", but he didn't disclose the trip on his security-clearance application, the Democrats said. -Russian venture to develop nuclear facilities, in a deal to be financed by Saudi Arabia."If this press report is accurate, General Flynn's failure to report this trip and any contacts with foreign government officials about this Saudi-Russian nuclear proposal appears to be a potential violation" of a law against making false statements to federal officials, the letter said. According to the top Democrats on the House Oversight Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Flynn failed to mention meeting with foreign government officials in 2015, despite traveling to Saudi Arabia multiple times to help broker a deal involving nuclear power plants.

Newsweek magazine reported earlier this month that Flynn traveled to the Middle East in June 2015 to pursue a U.S.

Cummings's and Engel's letter does not impose a deadline, nor does it have the signatures of their committee chairmen, Reps.

No evidence has emerged that there is any connection between the Flynn trip and the Rosatom deal.

Investigators believe his travels were related to a U.S.

Flynn was Trump's first appointment as national security adviser. He soon lined up a number of consulting ventures through his firm, Flynn Intel Group, based in Alexandria, Virginia. At the time, X-Co Dynamics Inc./IronBridge was working with ACU Strategic Partners, headed by Alex Copson, a British-American businessman based in Washington, D.C. Hewitt's group and Copson have since split. It wasn't the only Flynn-related revelation he was asked to address on Monday.

A lawyer for Flynn didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

As the Cummings-Engel letter on Monday noted, "According to a financial disclosure form that General Flynn submitted after he was sacked as National Security Advisor, he did not begin advising X-Co Dynamics Inc./IronBridge Group until August 2015", two months after his trip to Israel and Egypt.

"This was the year before the campaign and there was nothing there to question his involvement..."

The letter also raises the specter of Flynn's alleged ties to Russian Federation. According to a Bloomberg business profile, "ACU Strategy Partners LLC operates as a holding company for development of nuclear energy".

The letter states that he reported traveling to Saudi Arabia with a friend for six days to speak at a conference. He did not provide the identity of a USA citizen and friend who went on that trip with him, and he said he stayed at a hotel that does not appear to exist, although its name is close to that of the airport in Riyadh. Back in April, this same committee said Flynn probably broke federal law by failing to disclose on a 2016 security clearance application that he had done business with Russian Federation in 2015. "I'm actually talking to a lot of folks in that country", he told to the right-wing, pro-Israel Endowment for Middle East Truth. The Democrats note that Flynn did disclose that trip, but argue that he "omitted significant details".

The White House has denied Trump ever asked Comey to stop the Flynn investigation on possible collusion with Russian Federation, but Comey testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8 he took Trump's words in a private meeting to mean just that.

  • Leroy Wright