Health care on Senate Republicans' Agenda

"Unfortunately, the President has, I think, created problems for himself by his Twitter habit", said Cornyn, who will meet with Trump Tuesday, told a local Texas radio station on Monday. "We believe we can do better than the status quo".

But even facing those challenges, there was rare optimism among Senate Republicans on Tuesday. Already, I've heard one father say he may need to move to another state if the Republicans have their way and his child is no longer able to get the care he needs.

"Of course, it's not everything I want", Cassidy said of the general talks, "but that's life". At this point, Democrats are not expected to vote for any Senate bill that significantly modifies the ACA so Republicans must rely entirely on their own Conference.

"We wish it weren't this way, but the reality is that it will be a partisan exercise", said Marc Short, the White House legislative affairs director.

Senate Republicans may have too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to health care, and it's complicating their efforts to draft a bill to dismantle the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), according to The Hill.

There are multiple groups working on their own versions of the Senate legislation.

Although encouraged by the meeting, many GOP senators did not appear ready to embrace the budding plan. But Senate GOP members weren't talking about timetables.

While in Nashville, Price spoke to health care professionals, executives and public officials near the start of a two-day conference at Vanderbilt University's First Amendment Center. Republican senators have begun openly opining that legislation to fulfill the GOP's seven-year campaign promise of repealing the health care law may not happen this year.

Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, a member of the Republican leadership team, said senators are discussing a rollback of Obamacare's expansion of the Medicaid program for low-income Americans, but not as abruptly as the House bill, H.R. 1628. The House measure is H.R. 1628.

Democrats argue that ending the extra Medicaid expansion funds on a slower timetable, as the Senate bill appears poised to do, serves little objective and will simply take away Medicaid coverage at a later date.

"I think they're still having this conversation with the parliamentarian, but I think everybody - and I think wisely so - is sort of gaming out how we deal with all these various issues", Sen. "I am thinking it through", said Sen. The CBO said May 25 that Republicans' revised bill would undermine insurance markets in some states and result in 23 million more people without insurance. Under the House bill passed last month, insurers in states that waived community rating could charge more to those with pre-existing conditions if they let their coverage lapse.

The proposal also would eliminate a Senate-proposed pay raise for 38,000 state workers and money the Senate wants to open a new youth prison that the state has built but has been unable to use for lack of funding.

Tax Reform: Of the major issues the GOP has promised to address in the near term, tax reform is probably both the closest to the heart of both McConnell and Ryan and the farthest from any sort of resolution.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper also released a pointed statement: "There is no debate - the Trump administration's policies are directly responsible for the mess Ohio families now face".

Senate Republicans are increasingly cautious about handicapping their quest to repeal the 2010 health care law, but their Democratic colleagues have no intention of letting up on criticism of the GOP's goal of gutting former President Barack Obama's signature domestic achievement.

Republicans have little room for error. "What they're pursuing is a loser strategy because they don't want to vote for the House bill ... and they're unwilling to give up the basic architecture of the House bill".

  • Larry Hoffman