Escaped Georgia Inmates Captured In Middle Tennessee

The pair had been cellmates once and both were serving prison sentences for separate armed robbery and assault convictions at Baldwin State Prison near Milledgeville.

One of the escapees, Ricky Dubose, is heavily tattooed with tattoos across his neck and above both eyebrows.

They will also face charges in Tennessee for auto theft in Moore County, Tenn., and home invasion/armed robbery.

Authorities have said Rowe and Dubose overpowered and disarmed Sgt. Christopher Monica and Sgt. Curtis Billue as the officers were transporting 33 inmates between prisons. "I have their blood on my shoes".

Eastbound traffic on I-24 was gridlocked into the early Friday (6/16/2017) morning hours as TBI agents gathered evidence along the pursuit route.

The officers' deaths quickly spurred a nationwide search for the two escaped inmates described as "dangerous beyond description" and with nothing to lose.

Rowe and Dubose were finally taken alive.

The harrowing 911 call from the couple, plus new information about what happens to the reward money, on Channel 2 Action News at 6 p.m.

The capture put an end to a multistate manhunt that lasted almost 60 hours after the inmates escaped Tuesday morning in central Georgia.

"I'm assuming and think it broke down on 'em, but they may have decided just to ditch it", Swing said. "This is a rock quarry-type place".

Jasper County Sheriff Chris Malphus later said that these reports were unfounded and his deputies were allowed to stand down.

Dubose and Rowe then fled into a wooded area and made their way to another nearby home.

Tennessee authorities said the pair held the elderly couple hostage for almost three hours before tying them up and stealing their vehicle.

Goodwin said the men surrendered after they were approached. "[They] tied the man up with a belt and put socks on his hands where he couldn't use his fingers".

The escapees tied up the couple with belt, ate some beef stew, grabbed some clothes, boots and jewelry. The chase continued for 10 miles, ending with the inmates crashing the stolen Jeep. The sheriff's office in Rutherford County in Tennessee said that they heard of a vehicle wanted in a case of carjacking in Shelbyville. At some point, shots were fired but no one was wounded. The men ran into the woods. "That's not the Ricky I know", Brenda Tarver said.

On Thursday, Dubose and Rowe crashed a stolen vehicle after a high-speed chase with police.

Tennessee Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Bill Miller said a homeowner in Christiana was alerted that people were outside his home and he saw the men trying to steal his vehicle. A homeowner noticed the men in his driveway and called a neighbor over to hold them at gunpoint.

Rowe and Dubose shared a cell in prison, but authorities had said they couldn't be certain if that is where they hatched their escape plan.

"We are relieved to know that these two risky individuals have been taken off the streets, and the public is out of harm's way", GDC Commissioner Greg Dozier added.

Authorities warned that the men, who had escaped with the guards' 9 mm pistols, were considered very unsafe.

Georgia correctional officers Sgt. Curtis Billue, 58, (left) and Sgt. Christopher Monica, 42, were both shot and killed along Ga.

  • Zachary Reyes