Does Rachel Choose Peter On The Bachelorette 2017: Find Out Now!

"The pressure that I feel about being a black woman", she said.

"I get tickled when I smile and an angry man gets angrier."

It was nothing some bubbly and some smooches from Rachel and a chance to "fly" the bimp couldn't cure.

Episode four picked up where the show left off two weeks ago when another black competitor, Eric, was angry about other guys, especially Lee, talking about him behind his back. But Dean proved you can't measure maturity in numbers on the evening portion of his date with Rachel. Dean told Rachel about his mother dying of breast cancer when he was 15 and it was heartbreaking, particularly the part about him asking his mom in the hospice when she was coming home and her responding, "Never"; and teenage Dean staying stoic while his dad sat sobbing on his bed after telling him his mom had died.

Rachel Lindsay is trying to balance her search for love, with putting out fires between the guys. They also had a private dinner and attended a Russell Dickerson concert.

Before The Bachelorette was so rudely interrupted by the NBA Finals, Rachel was mingling at a cocktail party where every man was there for her. "You know exactly what I mean when I say that", Dean said. The judges are asked to put on earmuffs for the R-rated versions like "coitus", but Josiah won extra points for asking if he could use a word in a sentence and then using the chance to hit on Rachel (no, the word wasn't "suave" but it should have been.) He won the bee on the word "polyamorous" winning a trophy and some extra attention from Rachel. "You're so handsome, you are made out of all gold and you mean so much to me". She expressed concern that she would likely come under criticism from the black community over her choices at the rose ceremony. Then he and Iggy bickered.

The singer-songwriter then described Kenny as "aggressive" to Rachel.

Josiah noted that Iggy had previously dished about Eric.

But if Iggy was stirring the pot, Lee was about to set it ablaze.

"I knew Kenny was a butthole", Lee said after.

Rachel chose to get Kenny's side of the story and he was shocked Lee had gone behind his back to label him aggressive. "I'm gonna find joy and smiling in crumbling his miserable world".

Kenny claims Lee used their friendship to take advantage of his time. "Lee's handshake doesn't match his smile", he added - but he was anxious Rachel believed Lee over him and he wasn't happy about that. Tune in next week, when blood will be shed. "He's an alternative facts piece of garbage".

Next week's episode will see Lindsay going on dreaded two-on-one date with two rivals.

  • Salvatore Jensen