Cuomo: Financial deal set to start Penn-Farley train hall construction

Amtrak's plan to fix Penn Station's aging infrastructure, from July 10 through September 1, will disrupt schedules and routes for NJ Transit from New Jersey as well as the LIRR because they both rent tracks and station space from Amtrak.

New Yorkers whose commute involves passing through Penn Station have yet to truly know how the so-called "summer of hell"-Amtrak's forthcoming eight-week-long track fix project, which will result in significantly reduced service-will affect them".

The MTA provided a bit more clarity Tuesday on a newly-promised fare reduction policy for Long Island Railroad riders condemned to suffer through the impending summer of emergency-repair hell at Penn Station. "Governor Cuomo has asked us to provide greater value to our customers while Amtrak conducts repairs this summer", MTA interim director Ronnie Hakim said.

The discount will apply to riders traveling to Brooklyn and Queens, instead of direct to Penn Station, according to the MTA.

Cuomo said Monday he is requesting that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority reduce fares for those travelers being diverted to other stations.

And people who use the L say they should be compensated for their troubles, too.

A financial agreement has been reached between all partners involved in the Pennsylvania Station-Farley Complex project to transform New York City's James Farley Post Office into a world-class transport hub to relieve pressure on the cramped facilities at Penn station.

The new space will have skylights, retail, and 250-square-feet of space. The majority of its members are appointed by the governor.

Amtrak, which owns and operates Penn Station, is slated to close three of the station's 21 tracks at a time while repairing aging infrastructure often blamed for service delays.

Some New Jersey Transit riders, who will also be affected by the project, are already expected to see their fare reduced: riders on the Morris & Essex Midtown Direct line will get a discount of 56 to 63 percent during the work. The MTA also runs the city's subway system.

  • Zachary Reyes