Confederate soldier statue is removed from Orlando's Lake Eola Park

- The City of Orlando has officially started disassembling the confederate statue located in Lake Eola Park today.

Protestors gathered outside Orlando City Hall back in May, insisting that the statue remain because it's a part of southern history.

Officials estimate the process will take six weeks to complete, according to a press release from Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer's office.

The statue, nicknamed "Johnny Reb", will instead be moved to the Confederate soldier section of the historic Greenwood Cemetery.

Price said the inclusion of a time capsule was a practice typical of the era in which the statue was constructed. In May, white nationalists marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue in the city's Lee Park.

The nine-ton monument was taken apart early Tuesday morning and placed on a truck by city workers to move to its new location. Some, like New Orleans, have chose to remove the statues completely.

Dyer has previously said he doesn't believe the statue should be permanently removed.

In addition to relocation, the City is engaging historians to develop and install an appropriate educational interpretative panel near the monument that would help put the monument in proper historical context and serve as an educational tool for the Orlando community and future generations.

  • Joanne Flowers