Chick-fil-A adds gluten-free bun to menu

After putting the gluten-free bun on the menu in some test markets, Chick-fil-A now offers the option at locations across the country. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals and is lightly sweetened with molasses and raisins.

The bun costs an extra $1.15 and comes individually packaged. Customers with gluten-free dietary needs are advised to assemble their own sandwiches in order to reduce cross-contamination risks.

An estimated three million Americans have celiac disease and 18 million have a gluten sensitivity, so it will be interesting to see if other chains follow suit. McDonald's restaurants in the Netherlands are testing gluten-free buns as well, according to NBC.

The company tested the option in three US cities in 2016 and found the bun to be the most commonly ordered item with the grilled chicken sandwich and grilled chicken deluxe sandwich. This means they'll receive a deconstructed sandwich: a container with chicken and fixings, along with a pre-packaged bun.

It would probably pair better with the chain's grilled chicken patties than the classic fried, but if you're gluten-free, you're probably not eating a breaded patty anyway.

A big change at Chick-fil-A is on the way. "Chick-fil-A kitchens are not gluten-free", a company spokesperson said.

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  • Zachary Reyes