Bill Cosby's Lawyer Has This to Say About the Mistrial

Now that Bill Cosby's first sex assault trial has ended in deadlock, the difficulty of seating an unbiased jury for the famed entertainer's retrial may have ratcheted higher, thanks to blanket media coverage of the sensational case, legal experts say.

The attention courthouse staff gave to the Cosby trial was unprecedented. It is not yet clear why jurors could not reach a verdict, or how close they came. While Pennsylvania law allows for the identities of jurors to be made public, that hasn't yet happened in this case.

What remains to be calculated is the cost to select a jury from Allegheny County because of concerns about pretrial publicity, the transportation of the 12 jurors and six alternates to Montgomery County, their lodging at a nearby hotel for two weeks and their meals.

Constand did file a complaint with police in 2005, and the district attorney at the time, Bruce Castor, decided against charging Cosby.

"I heard it was a split", she said.

According to McCloskey, who posted a photo of his juror badge on Facebook to prove his connection to the Cosby trial, members of the Cosby jury spent the bus ride after the trial in "complete silence", refusing to discuss the case or the 52 hours of deliberations that ultimately came to nothing.

Pennsylvania law allows the public release of jurors' names, but judges have discretion to keep them a secret under certain conditions.

Constand, 44, of Toronto, accused the aging comedian of drugging and molesting her at his home near Philadelphia in 2004, when she worked at his alma mater, Temple University. He found the taped phone call played in court between Cosby and Constand's mother, in which Cosby described the sexual encounter with her daughter, particularly disturbing. Cosby has vehemently argued against the allegations against him, claiming that any sexual contact he had with any of his accusers was consensual.

"I would have voted to convict", McCloskey told the morning hosts on WDVE. Montgomery County D.A. Kevin Steele will retry Cosby.

Countless women came forward against Cosby, saying that he also drugged and assaulted them.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

  • Salvatore Jensen