Amazon strikes again; the dressing room in your house (AMZN) will test a new Prime Wardrobe service that implements a try-before-you-buy business model in its latest industry disruption, CNBC reported. You only pay after for what you keep, with no charge up front.

For items they want to discard, customers can drop off at a UPS location or schedule a free pick up.

This new deal will continue to put pressure on department stores, especially if Amazon starts selling the same items those companies usually carry.

Amazon says should a customer keep five or more items, they will be able to receive up to 20% of those items.

Amazon's Prime Wardrobe will be available to Prime members at no extra charge and gives customers one week to decide whether they like what they ordered.

The service will be part of all Prime members' memberships, Amazon said. But that's perhaps for good reason: There's no Amazon stylist recommending products like there is with the other services. Also, Prime Amazon will deliver shipments in a resealable box along with a prepaid shipping label. Wall Street firm Cowen & Co has projected that Amazon's share of the USA clothing market will rise to 16.2% past year from 6.6% by 2021.

Amazon just announced a new clothing-delivery service in its continuing quest to take over fashion retail.

Prime Wardrobe is Amazon's latest thrust into fashion and could be another big blow to department stores like Macy's, which are struggling with weak sales. Prime Wardrobe, of course, is free for anyone who has a Prime membership.

You pick at least three items from over a million options including clothes, shoes, and accessories for kids and adults to fill up box.

  • Zachary Reyes