Was the United Kingdom election a rejection of Brexit?

The Labour Party, although written off by many who criticised Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, took the fight to the Conservatives and delivered a result that no one expected, shaking them out of their arrogant complacency.

Mr Davies admitted that the people have spoken, and that the party could learn from some of the things Mr Corbyn's party have been saying. That was less than two months ago.

But the electoral swing towards Labour did mean that Theresa May, the Conservative candidate, lost her parliamentary majority and could only return to power propped up by a small Northern Irish faction, the Democratic Unionist Party.

Should May resign, instability and new elections are a real possibility; if she stays them an election might come soon because of how weak May is, and because of the fact that she faces the mammoth task of Brexit negotiations despite her limited mandate.

Jeremy Corbyn's popularity has soared since the election while Theresa May's reputation with voters has fallen off a cliff, a survey has found.

After the general election ended in a hung parliament, it was clear that the Prime Minister's attempt to seek support had backfired. I.e. she's really very unpopular.

Corbyn's ratings began to climb immediately after May called for an early election on April 18.

According to the latest poll, some 45 per cent of people believe Ms May should resign compared with 48 per cent who believe she should remain.

"That is our responsibility to the huge numbers who voted for our manifesto last week: a programme to transform Britain for the many that caught the imagination of millions".

By contrast, over the same timeframe, the proportion of 2015 Labour voters with a positive impression of the Labour leader rose from 40% to 75% as Corbyn won them round. This will likely have contributed to Labour's surprisingly good performance at last week's election.

Writing on Twitter, the East Worthing and Shoreham MP, who saw his majority slashed by nearly 10,000 in last week's election, said: "State Opening in Royal Ascot week - having pi**ed off most pensioners with our manifesto PM determined to include our most pre-eminent one too". Tory MPs like Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan suggested over the weekend that May will cease to be prime minister by the end of the summer.

  • Leroy Wright