Uber boss Travis Kalanick takes indefinite leave as CEO

Should it be a slice of humble pie?

That's changing. Now food will be served at 7 p.m.

CEO Travis Kalanick bore the brunt of the report as it recommended that the company "review and relocate" Kalanick's responsibilities within the firm. The company's board adopted all of the changes that investigators-including former US Attorney General Eric Holder-recommended. His 13-page report, which was released to the public on Tuesday, looked into systemic discrimination, harassment and retaliation at the San Francisco-based company.

Separately, Uber announced last week that it was firing 20 employees after a parallel investigation from another law firm.

Kalanick has been criticized for his management styles, and for allowing Uber's corporate culture to harbor some abusive behaviors.

Months after Kalanick was filmed yelling 'bulls***' at an Uber driver as he complained about not making enough money after taking the CEO home on Superbowl Sunday. However there would be no clear replacement for him due to so many leadership employees leaving recently.

The law firm's recommendations touch almost every aspect of the company and signal Uber is intent on creating the kind of internal change needed to move it toward a more inclusive workplace. The company also aims to promote accountability and fairness moving forward. Holder urged Uber to devote more resources and managerial support to the HR team, and to make it easier for employees to report misbehavior through a standardized complaint process.

Or the guidelines on alcohol and drug consumption.

Uber will now prohibit drinking and using drugs "during core work hours, at work events, or at other work-sponsored events".

The investigation produced a lengthy report with recommendations for Uber to improve. The company should eliminate values that justified poor behaviour, such as "Let Builders Build", "Always Be Hustlin'", "Meritocracy and Toe-Stepping" and "Principled Confrontation". Executive compensation should be tied to senior leaders' ability to uphold values such as ethical business practices, diversity and inclusion.

According to a board representative, at the latest meeting, Uber vowed to adopt all of the team's recommendations, and will be unveiling these policy changes to their employees within the coming weeks.

Kalanick told employees about his decision Tuesday in a memo and said that he needed time off to grieve for his mother, whom he buried on Friday. In front of employees, the board member Arianna Huffington talked about how having one female director typically leads to more female directors. However, inside sources intimate the CEO has a loyal following and a recent New York Times piece shows Kalanick may have even more clout within.

Twitter had fun with that exchange.

Earlier, Bonderman reportedly apologized in an email to staff. Uber's PR team reweeted a Times reporter's post with an excerpt from the apology, where Bonderman called it a "disrespectful comment" and saying "I deeply regret it".

  • Zachary Reyes