Two killed in Mali tourist resort attack

"I have no other words to say", the resort owner Manou Morgane, a French national, told Reuters TV overnight. 'The situation is under control'.

Two people have been killed after gunmen attacked a luxury tourist resort popular with Westerners.

Nearby residents reported hearing gunfire at the Le Campement Kangaba resort in Dougourakoro, which is to the east of Mali's capital, Bamako.

The site was sealed off by Mali security forces supported by French troops who had arrived at the scene in response to the attack.

The assault on the Kangaba Le Campement resort comes after a similar strike less than two years ago on a luxury hotel in Bamako, which lies in the south of the troubled country.

Despite the presence of a 12,000-strong United Nations peacekeeping mission and some of the 4,000 French troops serving in a separate counter-terrorism force operating across the Sahel region, instability is growing.

The security ministry said 36 guests have been rescued from the place of attack which is popular with Western expatriates. The BBC reports both Malian troops and soldiers from France's Bakhane counter-terrorist force are now on the scene. The force has been a constant target for attacks by armed fighters, and many peacekeepers have lost their lives. "Westerners were fleeing the encampment while two plainclothes police exchanged fire..."

Boubacar Sangare, a witness, was just outside the compound during the attack.

In November 2015, terrorists attacked a different hotel in Bamako, taking 100 people hostage and eventually leaving 20 dead.

The Kangaba, located on the eastern edge of Bamako, boasts accommodation in hut-style rooms, as well as restaurants and swimming pools, according to its website.

Macron reconfirmed his country's commitment to the former French colony, giving reassurance that his government would remain "uncompromising" in the fight against terrorism and jihadi extremists around Bamako and all throughout Mali.

"Sunday's violence came about a week after the State Department warned USA citizens of "possible future attacks" on locations in Bamako that Westerners frequent".

  • Zachary Reyes