Saudi-Turkish ties strained over differing views on Qatar

Ms Smith re-tweeted Mr Tillerson's comments but not the President's tweets.

"The Saudis and Emiratis have to get their own house in order first before they create the larger alliance, the 'Arab NATO, '" said Theodore Karasik, a senior adviser at Gulf State Analytics, a Washington-based think tank.

The British daily pointed out that Israel and the Gulf States have been quietly building security ties, motivated by a mutual fear of Iran.

An Iranian fisherman was killed by Saudi Arabia's coast guard last night, Iran's state TV said Saturday.

"The Saudi coastguard say the boats entered Saudi waters and killed one of the fishermen", Majid Aghababaie, head of border affairs at the interior ministry, said in a statement published by Iranian media. "He praised efforts to isolate Qatar".

Another influential player is Syria's former Al Qaeda affiliate, which now leads the Tahrir Al Sham group and which some analysts and Syrian factions say has links with Qatar, although Doha has denied this.

Saudi Arabia also sealed its land border with Qatar, which relies heavily on imports for food and raw materials.

Those business relationships now seem to be playing out in Trump's newly-hostile foreign policy towards Qatar in their feud with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Senegal and Chad recalled their ambassadors from Doha.

Speaking in London on Friday, Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister, said his country was drawing up a list of "grievances" involving Qatar. "We want to hear the views of Saudi Arabia regarding possible solutions and will share with them our views in a transparent way. This is a measure we are paying close attention to", Jaida said.

By Twitter's rules an account can be suspended for three main reasons: because it is posting spam, because it has been hacked or compromised, or because it "engages in abusive behaviour, like sending threats to others or impersonating other accounts".

A day after announcing that Tillerson would lead the USA delegation to the OAS General Assembly in Cancun, the State Department said Friday that Tillerson's deputy, John Sullivan, will go in his place.

The minister also referred to the situation in Yemen, where expressed the Kingdom's concern on the siege imposed by Houthi groups in some areas, causing starvation and hindering the arrival of medical and food aid, the report said. "What assurance do I have they won't do the same thing again while I am in the middle of my studies?"

  • Leroy Wright