Sadiq Khan: Grenfell fire shows 'gaping hole' in government response

Concerns were raised about the cladding used for the Maidenhead tower block's facelift following Wednesday's fire in west London, which has left at least 30 people dead. Grief over a high-rise tower blaze that killed dozens of p.

The 23-year-old Alhajali is the only victim of the Grenfell Tower fire to be officially named as the hard process of identifying human remains continues. Part of our investigation will involve a painstaking analysis of how the fire spread and this footage could be vital to helping establish that.

Some Grenfell residents had warned months ago fire safety issues at the tower meant that it was at risk of a "catastrophic" event.

There is simmering anger in the multi-ethnic north Kensington area hit by the blaze, and public fury has been directed at senior government figures, including May, who was jeered Friday after she visited the fire community.

A separate protest was held at Westminster, central London, on Friday evening. Police had previously put the death toll at 30.

The type of cladding used on the exterior walls of a London tower block that went up in flames this week was not graded fire-resistant and its use is restricted in the United States, British media reported on Friday.

"Sadly, at this time there are 58 people who we have been told were in the Grenfell Tower on the night that are missing, and therefore sadly, I have to assume that they are dead", he said.

The upper floors of Grenfell Tower sustained significant damage, he says, and "the sad reality is that this work will take some time, stretching into many, many weeks". "I absolutely get why they're angry", Green said.

Firefighters say a "good half" of the building is yet to be searched in detail as relatives desperately continue to look for loved ones.

TOLGA AKMEN via Getty Images
Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to fire chief Dany Cotton during a visit to Grenfell Tower
TOLGA AKMEN via Getty Images Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to fire chief Dany Cotton during a visit to Grenfell Tower

"We always knew that the death toll would rise", Cundy said, adding that there was nothing to suggest that the fire at Grenfell Tower was started deliberately. She lived on the 20th floor with her mother.

Commander Cundy asked any people who escaped the tower but had not made themselves known to police to contact the Met's casualty bureau.

Cundy said police had now managed to get to the top of the tower and had undertaken a first visual search for victims, ahead of later painstaking searches.

The contractors involved in the renovation have said they believe their work was up to code, and the management organization has said it complied with Britain's strict fire safety rules. May has even been criticised from within her own Conservative Party for not doing so.

London's mayor, who took over from Boris Johnson who closed fire services, also wrote to the Prime Minister.

He also said the flags at the Town Hall would be lowered to half mast to pay respect to those who lost their lives in the fire.

"It is hard to escape a very sombre national mood", Elizabeth, the world's oldest and longest-reigning monarch, said in a message on her official birthday.

The identification of the victims is proving very hard - which experts attribute to the extreme heat of the fire. Twenty-four injured survivors are still being treated, 12 of them in critical care. Vanezis said the best chance to identify victims may be if officials find any remaining bits of teeth or bone, medical devices like a pacemaker or any artificial implants.

Victims are identified where possible, by at least one of the primary identification methods which are dental comparison, fingerprints and DNA.

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