Pokemon Go Gyms Set To Be Closing Temporarily Due To Remodelling

It remains to be seen what Niantic has in store this time around, but based on the developer's past strategies, the upcoming gym shutdowns would surely herald something notable for Pokemon GO.

"Pokemon GO" officially announced that it is closing the gym system soon due to a major update arriving in the future. Before you get too excited, no, player-vs-player battles aren't among them. Let their motivation fall to 0 and they'll return to you, leaving the Gym vulnerable to attack. These badges are not only mementos of your gym related play but also level up to earn better rewards and bonus items when you visit gyms. In its statement, Niantic assured players that the gym shutdown would be making way for exciting new features to the game, though the developer did not mention nor enumerate exactly what features would be making a debut in the mobile title.

Raids, meanwhile, should be arriving in "the weeks ahead", first to select players as a beta.

What are Raid Battles and Raid Bosses and how do they work? Raid events will also occur at gyms, temporarily superseding usual gym shenanigans and sending Pokemon back to their trainers.

It's believed the Raid bosses will include Legendary Pokemon, although it's not clear if these will be available at launch.

So far, Pokemon Go hasn't said much about the gym update, other than that it will encourage more cooperative gameplay to get players working together and socializing.

Pokemon Go Solstice Celebration is nearly on the verge of getting over, and we got an update from the official support site for the time being Gyms has been closed for remodeling. In light of that, it's good to hear that Niantic plans to take its time with the roll-out, because I'm not sure raids are ready for primetime just yet.

  • Carolyn Briggs