Macron kicks off Paris Air Show with airborne entrance

Airbus is reportedly talking to Emirates about another follow-up order for around 20 more A380s that could be announced at the Dubai Air Show in November.

The aircraft will seat up to 230 passengers and be 5.5 feet longer than the company's 737 Max 9, which seats 178 passengers.

Airbus is offering its customers an enhanced version of the A380 dubbed the A380-plus, seeking to regain market traction with its biggest aircraft.

Airbus last week revised down its forecast for the A380 category by six percent to 1,184 aircraft, though at four percent of total deliveries this remains more optimistic than Boeing.

Airbus and General Electric's aircraft leasing arm, GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), announced the firm order Monday.

Al Baker said he expects U.S. President Donald Trump will intervene "to make sure that this blockade is lifted soonest.especially since he knows that we are part of his alliance against terrorism".

The A380-plus is Airbus's latest attempt to attract more customers to the program, which has been in crisis mode for some years. The A380plus could carry 80 more passengers and fly slightly farther.

Airbus and Boeing are expected to bring in about 200 new orders each at this week's show at Le Bourget, down from past years when Asian and Mideast carriers were growing fast.

"Our intention to purchase the 737 MAX reflects the strong customer feedback we have received", said Wang Yanjun, President of Tibet Financial Leasing.

"The MAX 10 is going to add more value for customers and more energy to the marketplace", Boeing Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg said at a presentation ceremony. But its largest jet, the 737 Max 9, which is making its debut here this week, has been a paltry seller versus the A321neo.

The Max series of jets are created to be a more fuel-efficient version of the workhorse 737, Boeing's most popular commercial plane.

Lockheed Martin is in the final stages of negotiating a $37 billion-plus deal to sell 440 F-35 fighter jets to a group of 11 nations including the United States, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

  • Zachary Reyes