Local doctor says in cases like Warmbier, brain tissue can not restore itself

Otto Warmbier, the U.S. student released by North Korea this week after falling into a coma while in a labor camp, has suffered "severe neurological injury", a hospital spokesman said June 15, 2017.The 22-year-old from Cincinnati spent more than a year in detention after being arrested for stealing a political poster from a hotel.

Dr. Daniel Kanter, medical director of the neuroscience intensive care unit at the University of Cincinnati, said it's more likely the student's condition was caused by cardiopulmonary arrest due to inadequate blood supply to the brain for long periods of time.

Unlike in a coma, patients with unresponsive wakefulness syndrome are technically awake and can show small signs of eye movement, such as blinking, even if they don't display conscious awareness or reaction to their surroundings like in Warmbier's case.

Richardson, a Democrat, credited the State Department with securing Warmbier's return from North Korea without any preconditions but said a forceful response from the USA government would be required "if it's determined that there was a coverup and Otto's condition was not disclosed and he didn't get proper treatment". Though they could not say with certainty what caused his injuries, they found no evidence to support the botulism claim. Fred Warmbier said the country kept Otto's condition secret and "denied him top-notch care".

After a one-hour trial in March 2016, Otto Warmbier was convicted of attempting to steal a propaganda poster and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor.

Warmbier was a University of Virginia student when he was detained while touring North Korea.

Kanter told a press conference: 'He has not spoken.

The University of Virginia student's father, Fred Warmbier, said his son had been "brutalised and terrorised" by the North Korean government. "We are glad that he is home, rejoined with his family", he said.

Kanter said Otto's vital signs were stable upon arrival, as well his skin was in good condition and he was well nourished.

"The day after he was sentenced, he went into a coma", Fred Warmbier said in the Fox interview.

"They lure Americans and then they take them hostage and then they do things to them and that's what happened to my son", Warmbier said, per USNews.com.

Father says Otto Warmbier "brutalized and terrorized" in N. Korea.

The American college student returned Tuesday to the United States after 17 months in detention. "We learned of this only one week ago", Fred and Cindy Warmbier said in a statement to CNN.

"The North Koreans lure Americans to travel to North Korea via tour groups run out of China, who advertise slick ads on the Internet claiming no American ever gets detained off of our tours, and this is a safe place to go".

Doctors said they examined Warmbier's body and saw no evidence of fractures that might be evidence of severe beatings.

Warmbier also revealed he and his wife were told by Obama administration officials not to hang ribbons representing Otto's captivity in their community because it would have been offensive to North Korean officials.

His release came amid tensions with Washington following a series of missile tests by Pyongyang, focusing attention on an arms buildup that Pentagon chief Jim Mattis this week dubbed "a clear and present danger to all". "North Korea has proven they are not nature's noble men".

President Trump called Warmbier's parents Wednesday night to tell them his administration had worked hard to secure their son's release, and to ask how he was doing. It was widely speculated that Rodman would take up the issue of US citizens detained in North Korea.

Three other Americans remain in North Korean jails.

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