Is the Paris Accord Unfair to America?

In a speech that sounded much like Trump's campaign speeches sounding the theme of "America First", the president set up an "us vs. them" narrative, complaining of "harsh economic restrictions" and repeatedly portraying the Paris agreement as unfair to America, for decades one of the leading polluters on the Earth.

U.S. envoy to the UN Nikki Haley has defended President Donald Trump's controversial decision to withdraw from the landmark Paris accord but underlined that America was committed to curbing climate change.

Haley defended Trump's decision saying business could not be run under the kind of regulations imposed by the Paris Climate deal.

A scholar of Pacific geopolitics says the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement leaves the door open for China to increase its influence in the Pacific.

"We are committed to the environment and this commitment is 5,000 years old". "The President's decision to withdraw the nation from the agreement only strengthens our commitment and makes the work of states more important".

"I don't know in which circumstances he gave the statement but I hope that the U.S. will rethink the issue", the Minister said.

Over in Washington, US' ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, adopted an equally tough stance against India in a videotaped interview with CBS News. "We worship nature. It is in Indian ethos", she said, before concluding that she "clearly dismissed" Trump's accusation. But we can't sit there and have Angela Merkel telling us to worry about Africa.

Some mayors and companies that signed on are in states that have not committed to fighting climate change. Thus, it bears a great responsibility not only to be a part of curbing harmful emissions, but in taking a leadership position in doing so. "But American sovereignty matters", Haley said. We're going to continue encouraging other countries to do what they think is in the best interests of them. In Ohio, Gov. John Kasich said, "I know that climate change is real". "It's clear that the demerits, the efficacy both in environmental outcomes as well as the cost to us from a jobs perspective was a bad deal for this country", Pruitt said, arguing that the United States has already accomplished a great deal in reducing its carbon footprint. That is a reason to require the United States to make deeper cuts now than other countries must make, especially given that the USA is continuing to emit greenhouse gases at a much higher per capita rate than other large emitters, such as China and India.

  • Leroy Wright