Britain's May Meets with Victims of Deadly High-rise Blaze

The fire that consumed London's Grenfell Tower, tragically killing at least 30 people, may have dissipated, but it has once again focused attention on the city's social housing crisis.

An Irishman was among those killed in the tragedy, a London-based lawyer claimed.

"We are in the richest borough in the United Kingdom and in this very borough we have a building where some of the poorest live and the safety measures are totally inadequate", said Mustafa Al Mansur, one of the organisers of the demonstration.

"After something this traumatic, many people will be in need of not just financial support, but also counselling. You have to be prepared to receive people's emotions, and not be so frightened about people", former Conservative cabinet minister Michael Portillo told the BBC.

British police said yesterday that 58 people were now assumed to have died in the blaze.

Cundy said police had now managed to get to the top of the tower and had undertaken a first visual search for victims, ahead of later painstaking searches.

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, London mayor Sadiq Khan, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth, 91, have all visited residents from the 24-storey Grenfell Tower destroyed on Wednesday as many slept, and anger is growing in the community.

Protesters stormed the local town hall in Kensington demanding action in the wake of the devastating Grenfell Tower fire.

The protesters made their way through an automatic door at the local Kensington and Chelsea town hall. Police barred their way and scuffles broke out, a reporter said. People chanted "We want justice" and "shame on you", as several of the demonstrators held a sit-in protest inside the town hall.

The protesters are seeking a list of demands which has been given to the council, Xinhua news agency reported.

Police have warned some of the victims may never be identified because of the state of the remains.

It issued a statement before the protest to try to address the concerns of residents. "We haven't heard anything yet", Jessica's uncle told the Daily Mirror.

While the deadly blaze at the Grenfell Tower in north Kensington has prompted an outpouring of generosity, it has also unleashed rage at the authorities as the charred tower was cast as a deadly symbol of a divided society.

Exterior cladding that was added during a recent refurbishment might have played a part, local residents have said.

Accounts of people trapped inside as the blaze destroyed everything around them, shouting for help, throwing children to safety and trying to escape through windows using makeshift ropes from bed sheets tied together left the nation in shock.

  • Leroy Wright