Arlene Foster's DUP leadership could scupper powersharing talks, Sinn Fein warns

And here at home, we have a Prime Minister doing a grubby deal with the DUP, a party that has consistently opposed gay rights in Northern Ireland.

In both meetings, all leaders agreed on the urgent need to re-establish the Northern Ireland Executive, believing that the June 29 deadline for completing negotiations could be met, according a statement from the Irish government.

"If the Government does not provide a user-friendly, flexible and affordable immigration system for European Union nationals post Brexit. significant numbers of employers will be forced to relocate or focus future growth outside the United Kingdom", said Gerwyn Davies, CIPD labor market adviser.

He spoke out after holding face-to-face talks with Theresa May in Downing Street aimed at kick-starting the stalled Northern Ireland peace process.

May called the election in a bid to increase her majority and strengthen her hand within her party ahead of the Brexit talks.

The results have changed the face of British politics, strengthened the two-party system, made the left-wing Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn actually look like it is electable, undermined the "hard Brexit" that May wants to pursue, made the prospect of another Scottish referendum unlikely and led to a the creation of a weak Conservative minority government that could collapse at any moment.

"The talks are ongoing, they are very positive, they are constructive".

"And the question arises, if they cease to be seen as such by part of the community in Northern Ireland, then one can't be quite certain how events will unwind".

"What we are trying to do is obviously of great importance and is not to be rushed".

"The Prime Minister will have to do a lot more, however, to convince us that the DUP tail isn't wagging the Tory dog".

Meanwhile, it has emerged that next year's Queen's Speech is being ditched by the Government to ease the way in Parliament for new Brexit laws. She has really hacked off the parliamentary party for obvious reasons.

May's programme will most probably have to be watered down, dropping some of her preferred reforms to help get legislation through parliament and possibly having to give way to other ministers who have strong views over the direction of Brexit.

Focus Speaking at the annual Wolfe Tone commemoration in Bodenstown yesterday, Sinn Féin South Antrim MLA Declan Kearney said reaching a deal requires "a serious focus" by all parties.

Davis plans to go to Brussels on Monday to start the negotiations, which will reshape not only Britain's role in the world, but also that of a bloc praised for ensuring peace after World War Two.

The other 27 countries who make up the European Union have always said no to that and that the past needs to be sorted out before the future.

  • Leroy Wright